EDP History

Many of our fellow-citizens feel it: Europe is for us the only democratic and durable answer to the upheavals of the world. Eager to preserve their identities but also anxious to see the European history continuing through the 21st century, and to influence on an international level, Europeans want to rediscover confidence again in the destiny of the "Old Continent".


It is to answer this waiting that Francesco Rutelli, President of Democrazia è Libertà-La Margherita, and François Bayrou have decided a new political offer, meeting the double federalist and social aspiration which animated the Founding Fathers of Europe. An offensive and positive political offer which convinced at the time of the European vote of June 2004: in spite of the confinement of the national campaigns to domestic concerns, not less than 25 democratic deputies were elected in the European Parliament, as well from new Members States as from older ones.


The European Democrat Party is a trans-national political movement, which intends to build a European democracy fixed in the shared values of peace, freedom, solidarity and education, while having the ambition to proudly affirm its culture in the future world.

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