Sixth Congress
Brussels – 10 and 11 December 2014

The European Democratic Party Congress in Brussels reiterated today in Brussels the priorities of its political action, recognized by the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and the President of the ALDE group Guy Verhofstadt.


About a hundred delegates from 17 European countries adopted a proactive resolution, which proclaims the EDP vocation and raison d’être, as promoter of a profound and innovative European integration.


The European Democrats’ main priority involves the defence of the sovereign interests of Europe, which depends on a "refoundation of Europe". As recalled by the Co-Chairman of the EDP François Bayrou, there is the "need to take into account human values, not just the economy."


The priority themes are:

1. a economic Europe that fosters growth and employment;

2. the assertion of a project against social inequality;

3. the urgency of establishing a fiscal convergence;

4. a sustainable development project and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;

5. a defence of shared policy;

6. the affirmation of a common foreign policy;

7. a concerted and united policy on immigration and a thankless fight against human trafficking;

8. the reaffirmation of the subsidiarity principle against over-administration and technocracy.


This Congress marked the tenth anniversary of the European Democratic Party and the creation of the ALDE group in the European Parliament, formed with the Liberal party. The continued and concerted cooperation between these two families, Liberal on the one hand and Democrat on the other, makes for European reformative and dynamic Centre. Each of these two branches contributes to the mutual action by its autonomy, history and own identity. According to Guy Verhofstadt, these two families "must embody the European alternative."


Finally, the European Democratic Party renewed its support to the European Commission chaired by Jean-Claude Juncker, who came to salute the work of the EDP and the resolution adopted by the delegates, "a summary of my core beliefs."


The EDP Congress approved the new composition of its Presidency, as follows:
Co-Presidents: François Bayrou (France) and Francesco Rutelli (Italy)
Vice-Presidents: Marian Harkin (Ireland), Nicos Koutsou (Cyprus), Jean-Christophe Lagarde (France), Ulrike Müller (Germany), Andoni Ortuzar (Basque Country), Andrzej Potocki (Poland), Gianluca Susta (Italy)
Secretary General: Marielle de Sarnez (France)
Vice-Secretaries General: Monika Begovic (Croatia) Luigi Cocilovo (Italie), José Félix Merladet (Pays basque)
Treasurer: Jean Marie Beaupuy (France)
Delegate General: Gérard Deprez (Belgique)