19 July 2012

The European Democratic Party held its Council on July 7, in Bilbao (Basque Country). While the Spanish banking sector is facing a serious crisis, which may increase the debt of the country, the representatives of democratic parties of Europe discussed the need for solidarity within the European Union.


Iñigo Urkullu, president of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) and vice-president of the EDP, introduced the debates explaining that "no austerity plan will bear full fruits without being accompanied by an effective growth strategy". François Bayrou added that "we have to invent at the European level a new governance that has never existed in the world," while stressing the difficulty of this task as "the models that we have lived up 'then do that persist through the credit ", while highlighting the difficulty of this task as "the models that we have experienced so far persist thanks to the credit."


Beyond the economic and financial difficulties of Europe, a political crisis is brewing over the continent. It is now imperative to stem the growing distrust against the European Union. "The necessary integration of the European Union must be accompanied by a more democratic Union," said Marielle de Sarnez, EDP Secretary-General. "The democratic rules of Europe must be rewritten" so that citizens can influence the great choices. This is the condition of the return of the confidence which is so lacking today. She concluded by assuring that it "can not be built without nations, without the European people. " The European governance and the democratic legitimacy of decisions taken by the leaders of the EU are the two key areas that dominated the discussions. The EDP representatives were unanimous on the need for reflection and action to be taken quickly on these two subjects.


Finally, this meeting was an opportunity to recall the positioning of the EDP about the future of the European Union. In Europe, some prefer national interests at the expense of the future of the Union and therefore the citizens. In contrast, the EDP Council meanwhile reaffirmed its commitment to the "European solidarity" and its willingness "to enter into resistance" against national withdrawals.


Francesco Rutelli stated that we are in the middle of two temptations in Europe today: "Politics of anger or politics of answer?". It was an opportunity for him to remember that EDP is firmly in the second case and works for the answers to be made ​​to the citizens of the European Union in a difficult context. "The great European question will require new answers. It is clear that all the current leaders show a lack of vision of what can be tomorrow's true nature as this great entity, its governance, and what should be its true perimeters of action. We need a new vision", concluded François Bayrou.