16 May 2013


The European Democratic Party held its Council on May 16 at the European Parliament in Brussels, one year prior to the next European elections.

A disconnected and disembodied Europe

Prelude to the development of the EDP political program for the next term, the delegates unanimously agreed on the need to significantly change Europe in its operation and in its action.

Facing a crisis that never ends, Europe fails to propose a model to the European peoples. As recalled by François Bayrou, Europe is perceived by the citizens as "the main instrument that imposes globalisation to the peoples", a globalisation seen as a threat to their future, their economy and their way of life. Moreoverthe, the European institutional functioning is incomprehensible. This results, according to Marielle de Sarnez, from the major mistake of the Founding Fathers of Europe who thought Europe as "an elite affair, that people could not understand and should therefore be kept away."

Founding a "new Europe"

In order to meet the concerns of the Europeans, Francesco Rutelli highlighted the need for the European Democratic Party to propose concrete and tangible policy responses. These solutions must be forward-looking and offensive, and not simply defensive, putting Europe in charge or, on the contrary, limited to defense with no hindsight of the European idea. This will involve founding a "new Europe", based on a real democracy, because we can not decide the future of the continent without the people, who have to reappropriate it.

The working groups presented their reports on the major orientations of the EDP political program to be adopted in the autumn on the occasion of a European Convention held in Paris. The core of this process include greater integration on political, economic and social plans, the assertion of a transition to a green economy and the will to give back a major role player in the world of the twenty-first century to Europe.