19 October 2012


The European Democratic Party held its Council in Nicosia (Cyprus) on the October 19. Cyprus, because of its geostrategic situation and the economic difficulties the island is facing, embodies by itself the European heavy issues of the moment.



The EDP unanimously welcomed the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the European Union. This distinction is primarily a message of hope for the people around the world.
The European Democratic Party intends to expand its efforts to give to the Europeans a "desire for Europe." According Rutelli, EDP must "provide a dynamic vision in modern Europe."
While decisions involving Europeans are taken during summits behind closed doors, the EDP representatives found regrettable that citizens are kept so far away from the discussions made ​​on their behalf. "It's a moment when the people doubt and question about Europe and what it can bring to them," reminded Marielle de Sarnez, EDP Secretary-General. In today's world, an authority cannot debate behind walls of secrets, without the people knowing nothing about it. Therefore, discussions focused on the need to bring Europe closer to the citizen.
While idendity-based tensions are running high, the European Union must not deny local identities but, on the contrary, enable them to reach their full potential in a wider space that protects them. These local identities are complementary with a European identity must reinvent the frame.


Moreover, the return to growth, real guarantee of the preservation of our social model must be done in the development of a new economic and industrial model. Based upon a profitable and sustainable development, it will be a way to job-creating competitiveness.


For François Bayrou, "European Democratic Party should not be afraid of being an avant-garde" because its the ablest to answer the questions that European populations are facing. Francesco Rutelli, for his part, reiterated the need for EDP to "offer a  vision of a political center that fights against left and right populism, a center that take the democratic leadership in the 21st century Europe." These topics will be the major axes of the working groups established at the EDP Congress on 6th December in Brussels.