Europe in the world

Europe has a significant responsibility towards the world ; it has a genuine model to promote for a safer and more peaceful world This requires a united and coherent diplomacy as well as fair and balanced trade relationships with our partners.

The Democratic Europe

More efficient and more democratic institutions are essential to improve functioning of the European Union and to ensure a true political Union. The citizens must be in the heart of all European policies.

The European social model: between public market and goods

We defend the model of a social market economy. To ensure a strong and durable European growth, we must guarantee free-competition and fight obstacles, while preserving the services of general interest which cannot be left to the only forces of the market. 

Development based on innovation and Green Economy

In order to ensure a strong growth, which reduces the inequalities, the European Union needs to develop its policy of research through Poles of excellence. A sustainable economy, promoting a clean production, a new organisation of construction and transportation and the renewable energies, can create millions of jobs everywhere in Europe.

European identity

Million of Europeans feel established in their culture, their language, their geography or their history. We support a Union that takes into account this diversity. We want Europe of the people and not Europe of the States in order to increase the feeling of membership at the same community.


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